Stormy Daniels’ lawyer claims Trump’s lawyer will be indicted with 90 days

Stormy Daniels’ attorney is once again spouting off at the mouth to snag some headlines.

While making an appearance on CNN over the weekend, Michael Avenatti stated, “I strongly believe that within the next 90 days, we’re going to see the unsealing of an indictment against Mr. Cohen for a host of very serious offenses.”


Just over a week ago, the FBI stormed into Cohen’s office and hotel room during a raid.

At the time, all we were told is the raid was somehow connected to the Russia probe.

When President Trump heard about the raid as well as a member of his Justice Department signing off on it, he lost his mind.

Days later, a report came out stating that Mueller “stumbled” on to information related to the Stormy Daniels payment.

Since the information was not relevant to the Russia probe, Meuller forwarded the information to the appropriate parties for action.


Ever since the raid took place, the FBI has been mum on what they were looking for when they burst into Cohen’s office and hotel room.

However, there is a lot of speculation taking place in the media.

One thing of note is that Cohen owns several New York City taxi medallions.

Others are looking at somehow tying the payment to Daniels into the election as well as an alleged trip Cohen made to Prague in 2016.

Avenatti himself has made a few guesses, none of which would be good for Cohen.

Included in the possible charges Avenatti believes Cohen is guilty of are: wire fraud, bank fraud, and campaign-finance violations.

He also stated Cohen will be the first “domino” that falls that will eventually lead to Trump going down.

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Now, this could be posturing by Avenatti to get him a few more appearances until the investigation concludes.

According to Avenatti, we will know one way or the other in less than 90 days.

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