Trump’s take on hospital visits with mass shooting victims challenged by media

After President Donald Trump visited victims of the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shootings, he told reporters that “doctors were coming out of the operating rooms” to meet him.

The media — including The Washington Post — is now fact-checking Trump on this statement, asserting that under no circumstances would any doctor leave an operating room during a procedure to meet the president.

Fact-Checking Trump

Trump made his statement several days after his visit to counter media reports that victims and their families did not want him in their city or anywhere near them in the hospital.

While there were some who apparently did not want to meet with Trump, there were plenty of families more than willing to meet with him. In fact, victims that had already been released from the hospital returned to visit with the president.

Now, regarding his statement, perhaps he simply meant that doctors were coming out after their operations were over, or perhaps he was exaggerating just a bit to make his point.

The Double Standard

It is a fairly safe assumption to make that in the modern era, politicians can sometimes be prone to embellishment.

This is not a justification of such an act, but it can and does happen. Rarely, however, does the media make a big deal about it. Today, though, political reporters analyze every word Trump utters, in and out of context.

That would be fine if they were doing that with everyone, but that is far from the case. Just look at the statements made by Joe Biden as proof of the double standard in today’s media and how it works overtime to report negatively about Trump.

Biden recently stated that he was in office when students impacted by the Parkland school shooting visited him. The problem is that he was long out of office when that tragedy occurred.

Even more recently, Biden completely misstated the details of the story of a soldier to whom he presented a medal, but the media just blew it off as “Joe being Joe.”

Also consider the way in which Biden and every Democrat in office continue to assert that Trump called neo-Nazi’s “very fine people” after the Charlottesville riots. If you look up the transcript from the President’s comments that day, Trump clearly condemns the hate groups. However, the media never calls out this lie. In fact, the press is just as guilty for the ongoing push of this narrative.

Nobody here is saying Trump is perfect or that he does not exaggerate from time to time, but if you want to run a microscope over everything he says, it’s imperative to hold the same standard for every politician seeking or currently holding elected office.

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