Controversy over vaping thrusts Trump’s son Barron into the spotlight

The new age of media is, quite frankly, disgusting.

After President Donald Trump and the first lady brought recent health concerns related to e-cigarettes into the spotlight, the media is now putting their spotlight on Barron Trump, with some alleging that the president’s 13-year-old son’s vaping habit prompted his father’s advocacy, and others (like the New York Post) highlighting the Trump family’s rule that Barron isn’t allowed to vape — certainly not at his age.

The dangers of vaping?

Over the last few months, it has become painfully obvious that vaping is not quite as innocent as distributors and marketers would have us believe.

The marketing, which is largely aimed at younger adults and teenagers, makes it appear as though it is as harmless as can be. That, however, is not the truth.

Health officials have announced five deaths and dozens of cases of lung illness they believe are directly related to vaping.

Additionally, this “habit” is relatively new, so the problem could be far worse than we realize.

Recently, Melania Trump herself spoke out about the dangers of vaping, stating: “I am deeply concerned about the growing epidemic of e-cigarette use in our children.”

She went on to say that “we need to do all we can to protect the public from tobacco-related disease and death, and prevent e-cigarettes from becoming an on-ramp to nicotine addiction for a generation of youth.”

Barron’s non-habit

When President Trump was asked recently about vaping and how he has addressed the issue with Barron, he stated: “We haven’t told him anything except, ‘Don’t vape. Don’t vape.’ We don’t like vaping. I don’t like vaping.”

And just like that, the media went on a frenzy.

Remember when the media would leave the children of the president out of headlines and simply avoid any scandals that would involve even the name of the children?

Of course, when these kids grow up and become activists or political figures on their own, all bets are off — so Chelsea Clinton and all of Trump’s adult children are fair game for the media — but Barron is just 13, and he should be left alone. Period.

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