Trump's attorney chastises the DOJ

April 10, 2023
Robert Ayers

James Trusty, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, just sounded off on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for its continued pursuit of Trump in the classified documents case. 

Trust did so on Sunday during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press with Chuck Todd." 

This is the same classified documents case that, in August, culminated in the unprecedented raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The DOJ maintains that Trump has still not handed over to the government all of the classified documents in his possession, whereas Trump maintains that he has fully complied and that the DOJ, here, is merely continuing the "witch hunt" of Trump that has been ongoing since 2016.

No "respect"

During the NBC interview, Trusty - a former DOJ member who has worked with Jack Smith, the special counsel investigating Trump - denied the narrative that is continuously being pushed by the political left.

“It’s been the same mischaracterization that the media has run with to suggest that President Trump is just sitting on a mountain of documents. It’s not true at all," Trusty said.

Trusty, referring to the DOJ, went on to say:

They don't respect any privilege that President Trump holds and is desperately trying to find an obstruction angle that just isn't there. This has the rotten underpinning in terms of bureaucrats being politicized, followed up by an all too eager DOJ to criminalize something that's not a crime.

Trusty supported this by using the example of former President Richard Nixon. He said:

It took 18 years, I think, for Nixon's tapes to finally get to NARA, so there's a delay built into the process as they negotiate in good faith. In this case, NARA was hypersensitive. They jumped right past that with a very happy and willing DOJ.

Trusty said that Trump "has every right to be frustrated by being politically targeted."

Trump approves

Trump, on Truth Social on Sunday, praised Trusty for the job that he did during the NBC interview.

Trump wrote:

Great job today by highly respected attorney Jim Trusty on “Meet the Fake Press,” hosted by highly partisan Democrat anchor “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd, and also on This Week with George Slopahopoulos, hosted by the very weak and ineffective “anchor,” Johnny Carl. Trusty took them apart on the Boxes Hoax saying, among other things, that Biden is the one who has problems, not President Trump. I come under the NON CRIMINAL Presidential Records Act, Biden doesn’t. He has CHINATOWN BOXES & 1850 BOXES!

Trump, of course, is referring to President Joe Biden's document scandal, which is being handled by the DOJ in a conspicuously different way from its handling of Trump's case. As one example, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, whereas the FBI was taken on a laid-back tour of Biden's residence by Biden's lawyers.

Trump went on to explain what he referred to as "the boxes hoax."

Trump wrote further:

The boxes hoax, where I did nothing wrong, but Biden did, is just another way for the Democrats to cheat on elections through, in this case election interference. I am covered by the presidential records act and, unlike Biden who was not president, have th epower to declassify. My people are being threatened and harassed by a thug prosecutor who was put in by Biden Trump haters. Our legal system is corrupt, and the Democrats are using it to rigg the 2024presidential election. Way up in the poll!

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