YouGov shows Trump’s approval rating at record high: Report

In a sign that he may be taking the lead over Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, President Donald Trump has hit a personal record with his approval rating, according to the Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller reported Monday that a trend line from YouGov showed Trump’s approval rating at “the highest it has ever been.”

“Trump’s disapproval remains at 53.7% and his approval rating is at a high of 45.5%,” the Daily Caller added.

It marks a steep increase since mid-July, when Trump’s approval stood at 41.7%, and his approval at 56%.

By the numbers

The president’s previous high was set in March, when he saw 45.3% approval. He saw 45.2% approval in June 2019, according to YouGov’s trend line.

Trump’s recent successes in YouGov’s reporting align with what he’s seeing elsewhere. As of Wednesday, the Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll had President Trump sitting near even, with an approval rating of 49% and a disapproval rating of 50%.

That is down just slightly from the 51% approval that Trump achieved in that poll in August, as well as the high point of 53% he reached in April 2019.

Trump on the rise

Of course, there are those who summarily dismiss Rasmussen as being favorable toward Republicans — completely ignoring the unmistakable bias and leftward-skewed samples of most other major polls — and won’t accept the results of that polling firm as being accurate.

Alas, for those folks, even the vaunted RealClearPolitics average of polls can’t disguise the surge in approval for President Trump, which has become undeniable since mid-July.

The RealClearPolitics average approval rating for Trump currently stands at 44.1% — not his highest mark ever, which was 47.4% on April 1 — but still a solid improvement over his most recent low of 41.2% on June 30.

Point being: whether the media and pollsters want to admit it or not, President Trump’s approval is on the rise. And barring any substantial catastrophe — new or rehashed alleged scandals don’t seem to really move the needle anymore, after all — it will likely continue to at least hold steady, if not rise even further between now and Election Day.

Joe Biden’s campaign better start scrambling if they want to have a chance at keeping up.

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