Trump’s approval rating soars

Trump may be about to make history… again.

According to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among registered voters has now climbed to 47 percent, up from 44 percent one month ago.

It’s Trump’s highest presidential approval rating yet in the NBC/WSJ poll.

Massive Uptick

There are two significant factors to look at in this approval rating.

First, Trump’s current approval rating is actually two percent higher than Obama had at the same point in his presidency.

Second, the numbers reflect a three-point uptick for Trump over last month’s poll.

Both of these factors should give Democrats pause for concern.

For the first time in recent history, the party that won the White House is severely threatening the dominance of the opposing party in mid-term elections.

Hot Topics

There are five major issues for voters in the upcoming elections, something else that should concern Democrats.

In order of importance from this poll, the issues are:

38 percent – economy and jobs

31 percent – healthcare

23 percent – changing how things work

22 percent – looking out for the middle class

22 percent – immigration

When you look at those issues, from a public perspective, the Trump administration is clearly winning in three of these issues and the other two are up for debate based on party affiliation.

Economy and Jobs – consumer confidence is at or near an all-time high and unemployment numbers are the best they have been in five decades. Republican Win

Health Care – depending upon your political ideology, this is a win or a loss by Trump. Conservatives are happy Obamacare is being shredded, but Democrats want free health care for everyone. Toss-up

Changing How Things Work – it is quite clear Trump is overhauling the political process in this country. Democrats may not exactly like what he is doing here, but it is definitely changing. Toss-up

Looking Out for Middle Class – the tax cuts alone have had a significant impact on the middle class. These families are bringing more money home and they are loving every bit of it. In addition, more jobs are on the market, putting more and more people back to work. Republican Win

Immigration – the administration has worked very hard to put travel bans in place and is constantly working to secure our borders. While this could be implemented better, this is a clear-cut win for Trump for anyone who thinks illegal immigration needs to be under control. The fact Democrats continue to make the welfare of undocumented immigrants a priority is starting to hurt them with older Democrat voters, who are slowly but surely migrating their way over to Trump. Republican Win

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There are still a couple of weeks remaining before voters head to the polls to settle this issue.

However, all signs right now point to a knock-down, drag-out fight and a very strong possibility of Republicans coming out on top.

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