President Trump’s approval rating climbs – again

The latest polls are good news for President Donald Trump.

The president’s approval rating has inched up to 46 percent among all likely voters.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Survey

The fact that Trump’s approval rating continues to creep up is not good news for Democrats — but what should be even more troubling to Democrats is that the country is finally coming around to his immigration policies.

For the first time in quite a while (if ever), more people approve of Trump’s immigration policies than disapprove.

At 52 percent on immigration, the president’s approval rating denotes a significant tilt in how Americans have felt since he took office.

That number means a large number of independents and Democrats have no doubt changed their minds on the subject.

Why the Change?

Arguably the most influential news stories that are impacting Americans’ opinions of immigration are those on the migrant caravan.

Democrats have argued that our borders need to be opened and that Trump is using too much force against the caravan’s members.

However, as pictures were released, it became clear that migrants were being violent toward our border security agents.

The fact that the migrant thugs were putting women and children up front to face defensive measures from U.S. authorities must have also helped turn public opinion.

Additionally, several reports have linked the caravan to big moneymen in the Democrat party, like George Soros.

During their “journey,” the caravan traveled far too quickly over some long distances not to have been aided.

There is also the question of how they got food supplies and why they chose the entry point that they approached at San Diego when the Texas border was about 1,100 miles closer.

Many conservatives believe this was a calculated attack against our borders to try to make Trump look bad.

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With all of that effort, though, the stunt appears to be backfiring.

All Democrats in office are doing is driving more people to support Donald Trump — a gift just in time for the holiday season.

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