Trump’s Approval Rating Better Than Obama’s

This is amazing news…

A new report by Rasmussen shows that President Trump has a new approval rating at 52%.

This is more than anybody expected. Especially since Trump has had to endure a barrage of fake news and underhanded media attacks since he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Meanwhile, Obama only had an approval rating of 46% at the same time in his presidency – which is a whole six points behind Trump’s number.

At this steady rate of increase, Trump will be one of the most popular presidents in history.

Townhall even released a story explaining how Trump’s new popularity might end up being a prediction for the 2020 election:

“President Obama wasn’t terribly popular in September of 2011 [he same time as Trump’s presidency now], nursing a lackluster approval rating as his re-election year approached.  Despite appearing vulnerable, Obama went on to win a second term by a fairly comfortable margin, over a competent but ultimately unsuccessful GOP ticket.”

Obama had a popularity much lower than Trump’s now, but he still managed to win a second presidential term.

This should be a warning for Democrats.

If Democrats want to beat Trump, they need to realize that he’s stronger than they think.

But alas, the liberal media is absolutely CONVINCED that Trump is weak. And this might ultimately hand Trump another term as president.


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