Report: Trump’s advisors are preparing for Sarah Sanders’ eventual departure

Trump’s White House was plagued by early resignations during the first year of the administration.

Now, suddenly, a new wave of resignations is coming in, but none may be as costly as the rumored departure of Sarah Sanders.

High Pressure Job

Sanders has been a devout supporter of President Trump through thick and thin.

Not once has she wavered to have the President’s back regardless of the situation.

Honestly, it would be tough to find anyone that has been a more loyal soldier than Sanders.

With that loyalty, though, comes steady harassment from both the media and liberals.

As you may recall, Sanders was recently kicked out of a local restaurant in Virginia simply for being a member of the Trump administration.

Then, of course, there is the daily barrage she is forced to take on during the daily presser at the White House.

Of course, there is also the demands of the office that keep her away from her family.

Sanders dearly loves her children.

Working night and day, every day, will take its toll on any mother.

No doubt, she has just decided she has done her service and needs to be home where she is needed even more.


Bill Shine, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, is going to have a large bill to fill in finding a replacement for Sanders.

It is quite amazing that through it all, she has never lost her cool with a media corps that is out for blood on a daily basis.

To this point, though, both the White House and Sanders have refuted these rumors.

Shine stated, “I have not had a meeting or discussion about this.”

Sanders also recently denied she was leaving.

As recently as June, Sanders refuted a CBS report claiming she would be leaving the White House at the end of this year.

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We would love to see her stay but can understand completely if she does decide to leave her position.

Regardless, she has done an outstanding job, and will no doubt continue to do so until her last day in office.

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