Trump’s 2022 election plans revealed: He’ll be ‘very involved’ in helping Republicans win

It’s not a secret that former President Donald Trump will be a major player in the 2022 midterm elections, as his endorsements in several elections over the past year have proven that he’s the ultimate GOP “kingmaker.”

Supporters of the 45th president got welcoming news when Trump detailed his 2022 plans in a recent interview with Fox News, saying that he’ll be “very involved” in the midterm elections that he’s ready to help “good people” win elections across the country.

“I’ll stay busy for good people. Not for bad people,” Trump said during the exclusive interview.

Recent victories

During the interview, Trump was asked about a string of endorsement victories from last Tuesday’s election, and he made crystal clear that such victories would not have been possible without his involvement.

“The borough president of Staten Island — that was the big one — I mean, a little different than federal, but the borough president. Vito Fossella won — he won the primary where he wasn’t scheduled to do it,” the former president said, according to Fox. “His opponent had every endorsement, but he didn’t have mine. Vito ended up winning.”

Not forgetting about Virginia, Trump spoke of his involvement with getting the vote out for Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who upset his Democratic challenger and former Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“We had Youngkin, and we had another one that was a very good victory,” Trump said.

The former president also mentioned “a congressional seat in Ohio, where he had a tough primary and won by a lot after my endorsement,” which was a reference to Rep-elect Mike Cary’s (R) Ohio victory.

Looking at Michigan

Michigan was one of the hotbeds of controversy following the 2020 election, as a number of lawsuits were filed by Trump’s legal team and other third parties that challenged the election results in some of the state’s most populous areas.

Though none of the lawsuits ever grew legs as far as affecting the outcome of the results, Trump made clear that he’ll back the people there who stood up in the face of extreme adversity. He also revealed that he’ll be “unsupporting people in Michigan who have been terrible.”

“I’ll not only be supportive,” Trump told Fox, referring to his GOP allies in Michigan. “I’ll be very non-supportive of some people. So, you’ll see that there, and you’ll see that in other states too.”

With Dems already facing an uphill battle to hold seats in 2022, the fact that Trump appears ready to go all-in on GOP candidates across the country should terrify Democratic and anti-Trump Republicans, because Trump is obviously a powerful political figure who plays to win.

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