Donald Trump says he would be ‘very happy’ if Hillary ran against him

Hillary Clinton set the political world on its ear earlier this month when she hinted that she may have one presidential run left in her.

When word of that got back to President Donald Trump, the sitting president offered a wide smile, saying: “I like her too. I’d be very happy with Hillary.”

No Real Challenge

As far as Trump is concerned, the Democrats are offering nothing special to the American people in 2020.

The fact of the matter is: their agenda has not changed since the 2016 presidential election.

If anything, Democrats have doubled down on their “issues” while only adding one additional platform item: the impeachment of President Trump.

If they keep sending the same message up through the next presidential election, there is little reason for anyone to expect a different result.

Top Contenders

There have been a lot of names thrown around as possible candidates, but there are really only a select few that can be taken seriously. One is Michael Bloomberg.

The former mayor of New York City and businessman has made no secret he wants Trump out of office.

While he does have some political experience, he possesses a very similar background to Trump, which makes it unlikely the party as a whole will be able to get behind him — especially considering how much they attacked Trump over that exact background during the last election.

Alternatively, former Vice President Joe Biden’s name has been thrown around.

But some say Biden would have been the better choice in 2016 — not so much in 2020. “Creepy” Joe has some considerable skeletons in his closet and having him as the preferred candidate would limit what Democrats could attack Trump on.

And of course, Hillary Clinton herself has thrown her name back into the game.

The two-time presidential loser is once again on the pundits’ shortlists for future presidential candidates, but it is tough to imagine Hillary actually running again.

As bad as she was demoralized after the last loss, one more might put her over the edge.

Some of the other possibilities include Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti.

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Still, Trump seems very confident that regardless of whom the Democrats throw at him, he will make mincemeat out of them.

“I don’t see anybody I wouldn’t enjoy running against,” Trump said.

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