Report: Trump won’t apologize to ‘Central Park Five’

This week, President Donald Trump took some extra heat from a reporter on his efforts to help bring justice to the so-called “Central Park Five.”

When reporter April Ryan asked Trump to apologize to the five men whose conviction was recently overturned, Trump flat-out refused and stood by his original assertation that they were guilty.

Central Park Five

The Central Park Five case goes back to the rape of a young woman in Central Park in 1989. The crime was so brutal, she would end up in a coma for almost two weeks after the attack.

According to reports at the time, eight different assaults that happened during that period were believed to be done by a large gang of teenagers. Trisha Meili’s rape was among those.

When all was said and done, the police had six suspects in custody for this particular rape. One made a deal, but the remaining five became known as the Central Park Five.

As the case was unfolding, Donald Trump, then just a private businessman, took out full-page ads in local papers calling for the boys, who ranged in ages from 14-16 at the time, to be put to death for their crimes.

While the boys did all eventually confess to the rape and attack, they later said the confessions were coerced during police interrogations.

Years later, in 2001, Matias Reyes confessed to the attack against Meili. Even more damning was the fact his DNA matched the DNA from the semen sample taken from the victim.

The boys were all eventually released and when Mayor de Blasio took office, he agreed to a settlement of $41 million to be paid to the five men.

Not Apologetic

Trump had no apologies then and he surely does not have them now. The President even criticized the city and mayor for agreeing to settle the lawsuit.

Additionally, Trump questioned why the reporter would bring that specific case up at this time.

Well, we all know the answer to that question. Democrats and liberals will try to use it against Trump to push the racist narrative.

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