Dems say Trump helped Republicans win North Carolina special elections

There were two special elections on Tuesday in North Carolina for open House seats, elections that Democrats and the liberal media had framed as referenda on President Donald Trump and a “bellwether” forecast of the upcoming 2020 elections. It should go without saying that, at least in the case of one of those races, the left had convinced itself that victory was at hand and Trump and Republicans would suffer a demoralizing defeat.

However, following a raucous rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday held by President Trump, both of the Republican candidates emerged victorious Tuesday night, and even top Democrats are admitting that Trump’s efforts played a significant role in ensuring those victories, according to Fox News.

Trump helps Republicans to victory in North Carolina

Trump held the rally to boost last-minute support for Republicans State Sen. Dan Bishop in the 9th Congressional District race and Dr. Greg Murphy in the 3rd District contest.

Murphy won handily in the solidly-red 3rd District, while Bishop prevailed with a nearly 4,000-vote margin over his Democratic challenger in the much more closely-fought 9th District.

The 3rd District was up for grabs to replace the late Rep. Walter Jones, Jr., while the 9th District election served as a do-over after the 2018 election result — in which a different Republican candidate had just barely won — was tossed out by the courts over allegations of ballot fraud.

Top Dem admits Trump rally helped seal wins

The chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, said in a statement, “We fell an inch short tonight, but it took more than $6 million in outside Republican spending and a last-minute Trump rally” for Republicans to defeat Democratic challenger Dan McCready, who had also just barely lost the first election for the seat in 2018.

The comment from Bustos about the “outside” money spent on Bishop’s campaign against McCready was unsurprisingly a bit misleading. In truth, total spending was fairly even between the two candidates and their backers.

Bishop’s campaign spent only $1.9 million but received roughly $5.8 million in assistance from outside groups and committees. McCready’s campaign spent about $4.7 million and received an additional $1.4 million in support from out-of-state committees and groups.

What Bustos declined to mention — and what is truly difficult to calculate — is the impact Trump’s rally had on voters in the 9th District in terms of motivating them to get out and vote and boosting morale following the scandalous 2018 effort and media gas-lighting projections that showed McCready coasting to an easy win.

Bellwether races?

If the special elections in North Carolina really were “bellwether” forecasts for 2020, President Trump and Republicans currently maintain a strong hand while Democrats have much more work to do in order to prevail.

Once again, Trump placed his reputation on the line to lend a helping hand to Republicans who are needed in Congress.

He has proven the critics and pundits woefully wrong and achieved victory in spite of their confident predictions to the contrary.

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