Trump Will Hire Trey Gowdy After January 4th

Sources close to Fox News have discovered that Donald Trump is dropping the decision to hire Trey Gowdy onto his legal team right now due to concerns over rules regarding former Congressmen. But Trump WILL hire him later!

According to Fox, Gowdy was about to be hired so that he could make frequent appearances on television to defend the president from angry Democrats:

“As part of his role with Trump’s legal team, Gowdy was expected to appear on television news programs…”

But sadly, Trump and his team have decided to postpone the hiring of Gowdy.

Fox News wrote the following regarding the situation:

“Last week, it was announced that Gowdy would be joining the president’s legal team. But a source familiar with the situation told Fox News there was concern about a statute that says former lawmakers cannot communicate with or appear before their former colleagues for a year after leaving Congress.”

Gowdy retired from Congress earlier this year. This means that his one-year restriction is still in place. Meaning, Trump can’t hire him until January.

In fact, violations of such a restriction is considered a “felony.” The law is intended to prevent lawmakers from switching to lobbying careers immediately after leaving Congress.

Apparently, the decision not to join Trump’s legal team was Gowdy’s idea, who thought it would be safer to wait until January to join Trump’s team:

“The source says Gowdy decided to err on the side of caution, and informed the Trump’s team that he would not be available to join them until Jan. 4.  At the moment, he is still expected to join the team on that date – with the caveat that a lot can change between now and then.”

This decision is probably best. Democrats have been out to get President Trump from the very start. A few days ago, one Democrat even CONFIRMED that her intention was to have Trump officials arrested by police.

The last thing Donald Trump’s administration needs is for Democrats to have another excuse to target him. Waiting to hire Gowdy is absolutely the best call.

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