Ex-federal prosecutor says ‘it’s clear’ President Trump will be indicted

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, believes dark days are ahead for President Donald Trump.

During a Fox & Friends interview, McCarthy said: “It’s clear that Trump is the target and he’ll be indicted eventually.”

New York Problems

Other than possible embarrassment and some bad press, not much is expected to come from the now-two-year-long investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

However, the case that was referred to New York prosecutors against former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen might be another matter altogether for President Trump.

McCarthy believes the language used by the courts in the Cohen case makes it quite clear that President Trump is the real target of the investigation.

He also believes that even though Trump is the sitting president and cannot be indicted while in office, that will not protect Trump.

McCarthy believes the case will go through the processes, leading to an indictment that will be pursued after Trump is no longer the president.

After reading the sentencing memo on Cohen, McCarthy said plainly: “I can’t come to any other conclusion.”

Trump Denials

All of this stems from “hush money” being paid to two women who claimed to have had affairs with President Trump.

One of the women, Stormy Daniels, was paid through Michael Cohen, then Trump’s attorney.

Cohen recently flipped on Trump and stated he was acting at the direction of Trump the entire time, something Trump claims is false.

Trump insists Cohen made the payment before advising him of it, but Cohen later requested reimbursement for the payment.

The president has admitted to paying Cohen, but he and his attorneys have stated that money was paid from private funds, not campaign funds.

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This all comes down to who the courts are going to believe.

Is Trump simply lying to save his own skin or did Cohen lie and tell prosecutors what they wanted to hear in order to get a lighter sentence? Hopefully, we’ll have answers soon.

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