Trump brings widow of officer slain by undocumented immigrant on stage

Earlier this week, President Trump had yet another special moment that will drive Democrats batty.

During the Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, Trump stopped his speech and called up the widow of slain officer Ronil Singh, to the pure delight of the crowd.

Corporal Singh’s Tragic Death

Corporal Singh more than likely thought he was doing another routine traffic stop.

He spotted a vehicle on a California highway without a license plate and pulled the truck over.

Suddenly, gunfire broke out with both Singh and the suspect exchanged fire.

Corporal Singh was hit and ended up dying from his injuries.

It took authorities two days to locate the man that killed the officer and when he was finally apprehended, authorities found out he was in the country illegally.

Proud Family

Singh was one of the officers being honored at the event, so President Trump invited his family members up on stage to say a few words.

Singh’s brother, Reggie, expressed his gratitude to both Singh’s fellow officers and the President.

He stated, “This man over here, the Singh family supports him.”

“Whatever he’s doing for the law enforcement, we support him.”

He went on to say the White House has actually reached out to the family on numerous occasions, something he believes no other president has probably ever done.

When Trump invited Singh’s widow up on stage, she was a bit hesitant to speak at first, but finally felt it necessary to tell everyone what Trump had done for their family…

It was a truly moving moment that those present will not soon forget.

That is the President Trump Democrats simply do not want Americans to know about.

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