Trump announces that White House staff will no longer be first to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Under the Trump administration’s direction, a feat has been accomplished that many deemed impossible and even laughable: producing a COVID-19 vaccine that would be available to essential workers and frontline health care providers by the end of 2020.

Not only did Trump make good on that promise, but he also requested that he and other White House staffers be moved down the list of those scheduled to receive some of the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in favor of those who need it most, according to The New York Times.

The news broke as the first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine were loaded onto trucks to be delivered to strategic distribution points across the country.

What did he say?

Trump and other senior-level staffers in the White House and those who worked closest to the president were scheduled to receive the first round of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, according to The Hill.

“Senior officials across all three branches of government will receive vaccinations pursuant to continuity of government protocols established in executive policy,” National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said Sunday.

While many people might agree that vaccinating the White House first is a reasonable tactic, Trump tossed a wrench in the gears in a Sunday tweet, announcing that he and others in the White House would forego the first round of vaccinations in favor of getting more doses to frontline health care workers.

“People working in the White House should receive the vaccine somewhat later in the program, unless specifically necessary. I have asked that this adjustment be made,” Trump tweeted. “I am not scheduled to take the vaccine, but look forward to doing so at the appropriate time. Thank you!”

What prompted the decision?

The Times report indicated that there were several members of the White House ready to receive the vaccine, but some in the administration believed vaccinating the White House first would send the wrong message to the American people.

Another possible reason for Trump’s announcement is the fact that so many in his White House, including the president himself and First Lady Melania Trump, have already had COVID-19 and recovered from it.

On Sunday, over 184,000 vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were shipped from Michigan, with each vial containing five doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, The Hill reported.

They will be administered to frontline healthcare workers and other vulnerable populations first. Eventually, vaccines from other companies, like Moderna, will be widely distributed to the general population through some of America’s largest pharmacy chains.

Trump’s refusal to be immunized before his fellow Americans once again proves that he constantly puts “America First” in nearly every aspect of his administration’s policies — and that’s one reason why he has tens of millions of supporters who adore and respect him.

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