Trump welcomes NASCAR champ Joey Logano to White House

In a welcome change of pace from the dour Democrat investigations, President Donald Trump and an appreciative crowd welcomed 2018 NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano and his Penske Racing team to the White House on Tuesday.

Watch below:

Obviously excited to visit the White House, the NASCAR champion posted a photo of himself with his wife to social media, captioning it, “With my First Lady at [the] White House.”

Neat Discovery

Logano drives a Ford, so he found it rather interesting and very cool that President Trump has a few books of interest on the library shelf.

As he strolled through the library, three silver bound books caught his eye. Those books happened to be about Henry Ford and his company…

Trump likes to be around winners, and this was no exception.

Trump stated, “They’re winners, right?

“The team is a winner and NASCAR is a winner.”

He added, “Whether it’s driving race cars, or watching it, or playing golf, whatever it may be, whatever you’re into, we get to do it because we live in an amazing country.”

And Trump is absolutely right.

While liberals question when America was ever great, conservatives know there simply is no better country to live in.

Hopefully, we can keep it that way and move forward even more by re-electing Trump in 2020.

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