Trump warns that voting for Democrats will hurt the stock market

It is no secret the stock market — and our economy overall — has improved with Donald Trump as the president.

However, the president just dropped a reality bomb: if Democrats win in the upcoming midterm elections, stock prospects could dramatically change — which could mean big trouble for Americans, especially seniors.

Dose of Reality

Looking back at the 2016 election, it is pretty amazing where we are today in both the economy and investments.

Most pundits had assumed Hillary Clinton was going to win the election.

They had also predicted the stock market and the economy overall would tank with her in office.

That did not happen, though, as we all know.

Immediately after Trump won, the market started to climb and consumer confidence was on the rise.

And both of those got a huge bump after the Republicans put the new tax plan in place.

Senior Concerns

But most people agree that if Democrats take control of Congress, consumer confidence, the markets, and the overall economy are going to tank.

If that happens, our seniors are going to find themselves in a very precarious situation.

Trump’s warning more than likely hit home very hard for those individuals, as well as those getting ready to retire.

The president tweeted: “If you want your stocks to go down, I strongly suggest voting Democrat. They like the Venezuela financial model, High Taxes & Open Borders!”

Democrats have made it quite clear that the moment they get back into control, they are going to dump the new tax plan and raise taxes.

It is a fairly safe assumption that the 23 percent gain the Dow has enjoyed since Trump sat down in the Oval Office will quickly start to go the other way if Dems take office.

Some may call this “fear politics,” but it would be more adequately described as truthful politics.

If Democrats win, the economy will crash, retirement accounts will perish, and Americans will more than likely face financial conditions that could be described as a recession at best.

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Democrats need that to happen so they can easily implement their socialist agenda and actually have Americans accept it because they will so badly need a bailout.

But that is not fear, patriots: it is a horrific reality of what we face in our country today.

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