Trump: If Supreme Court upholds DACA, it will give president ‘tremendous power’

President Donald Trump just made an observation that Democrats would do well to consider.

The president pointed out that if the Supreme Court upholds former President Barack Obama’s DACA order, it will give the office of the President of the United States — currently held by Trump — far too much power. And that’s the last thing the Democrats want.

Fair Point

The president’s comments came as the government shutdown continues over the Senate’s refusal to include border wall funding in the new spending bill. While one lawmaker has proposed a solution to the shutdown that included protection for the so-called DREAMERS, Trump indicated that he preferred to let the high court handle the case first.

“I just think that we’re better off waiting for the Supreme Court,” Trump said. “If the Supreme Court rules that President Obama was wrong, which they should, because, by the way, if he was right, then I’ve been given tremendous power.”

“Can you imagine me having that power, wouldn’t that be scary?” Trump continued. “Right? No, if Pres. Obama is allowed to do what he did on DACA, then I’m allowed to whatever I want to do on things that probably… a president doesn’t have the right to do.

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One of the upcoming issues for the Supreme Court will be to make a final ruling as to whether or not DACA is unconstitutional.

It’s an argument that has been going on ever since Obama penned the order in 2012. DACA is also a perfect example, many believe, of a presidential power grab.

Trump expects the Supreme Court to rule against DACA, but there is always a chance they will uphold it.

That’s not good for anyone, Trump pointed out, because it would set a precedent that puts an unseemly amount of power in the hands of the President of the United States.

Bargaining Chip

A secondary reason Trump is hoping the Supreme Court shoots down the DACA legislation is that it will give him a bargaining chip over the building of the border wall.

Without DACA in place, the Democrats will be scrambling to find a solution for the DREAMERS — and Trump may be considering offering the Democrats something in return for wall funding.

This is a bargain most conservatives would not like, but would probably be willing to accept in return for border security.

That is what is known as compromise — which, to this point, Democrats have not been willing to do.

Whether the Supreme Court justices know it or not, they hold the success of this administration in their hands right now.

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Trump does not want power he does not deserve. If he did, he would be hoping the Supreme Court will allow DACA to stand.

What he does want, however, is for Democrats to come to the table and negotiate in good faith. That will only happen if the Supreme Court does the right thing and shreds the unconstitutional legislation that is DACA.

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