Trump warns Republican senators to not let Dems reverse his 2017 tax cuts

Many warnings issued by former President Donald Trump about what might happen under President Joe Biden’s administration have either come partially or fully true, barely six months into Biden’s time in the White House.

According to The Hill, as Democrats practically drool over the thought of raising taxes to fund their outrageously expensive legislative proposals, the former president issued one of his most serious warnings yet, telling Senate Republicans this week that in no “way, shape, or form” should they allow his 2017 tax cuts to be reversed. 

“Do not increase them one penny. Republicans must learn to fight these vicious, Radical Left Democrats who are destroying lives and destroying our Country!” Trump wrote, referencing a threat from Democrats to hike taxes.

Trump’s influence is strong

Even though the former president has been stripped of virtually all social media platforms, he doesn’t seem to have trouble getting his messages to the public in the form of statements. He also seems to have the ear of a majority of congressional Republicans, most of whom, in some form or another, will need to count on his backing for future elections.

That’s likely why Trump seems to still be calling the shots, to some degree. The former president issued his dire warning about tax hikes in a statement on Tuesday.

“Republicans in the U.S. Senate must not in any way, shape, or form increase taxes that were won in the TRUMP TAX CUT, the largest in the history of our Country,” Trump’s statement read. “It’s what made our economy grow and great.”

Thankfully, at least as of now, it doesn’t appear that congressional Republicans are interested in reversing Trump’s tax cuts, which he secured in 2017 in a major win for his administration — and for the American people.

While the issue will be forever debated by both sides of the political aisle, Republicans — and millions of Americans — credit Trump’s tax cuts for the strong, pre-pandemic economy that the country experienced for at least half of Trump’s first and only term in the White House.

Why would Trump’s cuts end?

Democrats, at the direction of President Biden, are digging under the proverbial couch cushions for money needed to fund a number of massive legislative pieces, including a Democrat-backed, pet project-filled bill that would follow the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

In order to fund what has been labeled by some Republicans as a Democrat’s “wish-list” bill, at least part of Trump’s tax cuts — specifically the cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans — would be rolled back to help fund the bill.

Not surprisingly, Democrats have defended rolling back the cuts on corporations and wealthy Americans by claiming that it’s time for them to pay their “fair share,” adding that it would ultimately help strengthen the U.S. economy in a post-pandemic era.

Only time will tell if Democrats manage to roll back one of Trump’s legacy legislative victories, but if they plan to go that route, they’d better act fast, as the clock continues to tick down until the predicted takeover of the House by Republicans in the 2022 midterms.

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