Trump goes to Ohio, warns of Democrat candidate ‘groomed by’ Elizabeth Warren

President Trump is not letting Democrat attacks stop him from taking his own shots on the campaign trail.

While making an appearance at a rally in Ohio, Trump warned Ohioans against Richard Codray because he was “groomed by Pocahontas.”

Hitting the Trail

Trump has earned quite a few frequent flyer miles lately.

He is in Washington, D.C. by day and flying to different states at night to help local candidates.

It is no secret how important these mid-term elections are.

That importance has not been lost on Trump, as he continues to take the dais several times a week to tout a Republican running for office.

In Ohio, Jim Renacci is hoping to defeat Richard Cordray.

In addition to taking a shot at Cordray’s grooming, Trump warned the crowd that he would also “destroy the state.”

Teflon Don

Some would say Trump is walking a dangerous line as he continues with much of the same rhetoric he was using during the election season.

Trump has been amazingly resilient even as very harsh allegations have been levied against him.

Much of the reason why is because Trump has been able to very skillfully manipulate the news cycles.

A recent example of this is his appearance in Ohio as well as the canceling of Mike Pompeo’s North Korean trip.

Quickly, the media has shifted its focus of a Trump impeachment and his legal problems to his comments about Warren and Schumer in Ohio during the rally.

Importance of Ohio

Surely by now you have heard, “As goes Ohio, so goes the nation.”

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Ohio has always been a measuring stick for how elections will go across the nation.

These mid-term elections could provide some significant information about where Republicans will stand come the 2020 election.

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