Trump warns US to buckle up for coronavirus ‘surge’

President Donald Trump stepped up to the microphone on Tuesday to deliver some difficult news to the American people. 

At a briefing at the White House, the president warned that the worst is yet to come in the coronavirus pandemic — and Americans need to prepare to endure a major storm. “This is going to be a very painful, a very, very painful two weeks,” Trump said, according to the Washington Examiner.

The peak is coming

The number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. is expected to take another serious jump in the coming weeks as the virus spreads like wildfire throughout the country.

For its part, the White House task force tackling the coronavirus crisis has provided a grim prognosis on the fight against the deadly virus.

“We’re giving massive amounts of medical equipment and supplies to the 50 states. We also are holding back quite a bit. We have almost 10,000 ventilators that we have ready to go,” President Trump said in his briefing.

He went on: “We have to hold them back because the surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong, and we want to be able to immediately move it into place without going and taking it.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the top experts on the White House task force, said that “as sobering a number as that is, we should be prepared for it. We’re going to do everything we can to get it significantly below that,” he added, according to a White House transcript.

Nation reacts

It is important that President Trump be frank with the American public. The mainstream media has spread significant misinformation in an attempt to stir up panic in the population, and Trump’s solemn appraisal of the coming weeks ensures that no one is taken by surprise.

Still, CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta said after the briefing that “in the seven years I have covered the White House, that is the most stunning briefing I have ever sat through,” remarking that the White House warning the nation that hundreds of thousands of deaths could occur in the next two weeks was “downright chilling.”

As the death toll climbs past 4,000, even the press may be realizing that this is no longer a partisan issue. Acosta, a notorious Trump antagonist, said that “this was a different Donald Trump tonight, I think he gets it.”

Indeed, Americans need to prepare for a hard time — while avoiding a dangerous descent into panic and hysteria. President Trump made sure to offer a message of hope along without sugarcoating the reality of the situation, making it clear in his briefing that there is a “real light at the end of the tunnel.”

According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. is leading the world in confirmed cases at 199,092. Over 4,000 have died in the U.S. so far, and that number expected to rise significantly as the peak hits. Americans need to brace themselves and ride this wave out the best we can.

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