Trump warned Mueller that investigation was harming foreign policy negotiations

President Donald Trump was worried about the Mueller investigation, but not for the reason many think.

One of Trump’s main concerns was that the ongoing investigation was hurting his ability to negotiate foreign policy, a concern that was relayed to special counsel Robert Mueller via Trump’s attorneys.

Foreign Policy Issues

As president, Trump found himself in some very precarious situations specifically because of that investigation.

Trump’s attorney at the time, John Dowd, told Byron York of the Washington Examiner that Trump wanted him to make sure Mueller was aware of the full impact of the investigation, especially with regards to “foreign affairs.”

Trump “would share with me an anecdote from a foreign region. And I’m talking about Abe in Japan, the G20, the President of Egypt, the Russians. And then I would share that with Bob [Mueller],” Dowd said.

“He’d be in a meeting and he’d be negotiating some trade deal or some other deal trying to get an American hostage or a person back to the country – and right at the critical time, the guy on the other side would say, ‘Well, Donald, are you even going to be around?’ ‘What’s going to happen with this investigation?’ And that’s like a punch in the solar plexus,” Dowd said.

Imagine being challenged during every meeting like that. Imagine other heads of state not even wanting to bother with negotiations, simply because they did not know if Trump would still be president the next day.

Telling Mueller

Robert Mueller and John Dowd had some familiarity with each other, which actually made the early days of the investigation somewhat easier for both parties.

Trump wanted to get the investigation over with as quickly as possible, as did Dowd. That being the case, Dowd essentially turned over everything and anything Mueller wanted to see.

Initially, there was a bond between the two over the fact both were veterans — Mueller and Dowd both served in the Marines. That familiarity led to Dowd sharing the president’s concerns with Mueller.

Obviously, Dowd’s plea had little effect on Mueller, as the investigation was drawn out for two years. It would be nice to think that things will now be different for Trump, but it is painfully clear Democrats plan to launch several new investigations into Trump, which will continue to damage him in the eyes of the world.

Democrats figure if they can’t win the White House, they can at least bog it down in investigations so Trump can never get anything done. It’s shameful.

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