Report: Trump administration wants the Supreme Court to block lower court injunctions

President Donald Trump has repeatedly had his policies blocked by low-level courts. But his administration wants to put a stop to it.

They’ve moved to challenge the right of lower courts to “issue nationwide injunctions that halt policies advocated by President Trump,” according to a report from The Hill — and they want to bring their case straight to the Supreme Court.

The Power Play

It’s hard to remember a time when virtually every policy put in place by a president’s administration wasn’t challenged by lower courts.

Every step Trump takes that does not have the blessings of Democrats seems to wind up in the Ninth Circuit Court, which is packed with liberal judges.

It no sooner arrives when it gets an injunction slapped on it and a stay is issued.

But this is not a matter of right and wrong for those judges — it is just a matter of preventing Trump from getting anything accomplished during his time in office.

Fighting Back

Rather than continue to allow this to go on for at least two more years, the Trump administration is seeking the help of the Supreme Court.

Once and for all, the administration is asking for guidance on just how much power these lower courts have over a presidential administration.

“For the sake of our liberty, our security, our prosperity, and the separation of powers, this era of judicial activism must come to an end,” Vice President Mike Pence said.

While we know the administration is going to appeal to the Supreme Court, they have yet to reveal how they will present their case to the highest court in the country.

One thing we do know, however, is that we’ll finally get some questions answered — namely, just how is it that a district judge has been made more powerful than the president of the United States? How can the will of the people be silenced by a judge at the circuit court level?

If the Trump administration wins this case, it will serve as a landmark decision that may finally allow the president to finally go unimpeded in making America great again.

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