Report: Trump wants Joe Biden as his opponent in 2020

President Donald Trump offered a first true look at who he wants to face off against in the 2020 presidential election — and it’s not Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with CBS News, Trump that as his 2020 opponent, “I dream about Biden.”

Not Hillary?

More than a few pundits have predicted that the Dems might allow Clinton one more run at the presidency before sending her off to pasture.

Trump himself has stated he wants her to run again on numerous occasions.

That would more than likely be a disaster for her, as her public trust factor has actually gone down even more after the presidential election.

There have also been names like Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders being thrown around as the DNC nominee.

But the one blast from the past that has been gaining a lot of traction as of late is Joe Biden.

One of the reasons many believe he could be the man is because the candidate will have to be someone that is willing to get in the face of Trump during the election season.

Biden has proven he is not afraid to sling it with Trump, though his past presents some significant challenges for the party.

The Dream Matchup

During his interview with Jeff Glor of CBS News, Trump made it very clear that Biden is the man he wants.

In his opinion, Biden would create more of a runaway than he had against Clinton.

And when you hear Trump’s reasoning, it is hard to argue his viewpoint.

“He never got more than one percent,” Trump said of the former vice president, “and President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did.”

Trump added: “But you go back and look at how he succeeded in running, when he ran two or three times, I don’t think he ever broke one. He was at the one or less level, one percent or less level.”

Knowing Biden, this will no doubt get him pumped up to come out of retirement and face off against Trump.

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But all that does is, once again, put a member of the establishment against an outsider — which is exactly what Trump wants, and the GOP needs.

If the Dems are going to be beat Trump in 2020, they will no doubt have to do it with a young minority candidate that can distance himself from the likes of Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — which is exactly the opposite of what Biden brings to the table. But we can only hope for the best.

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