Trump wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted, but his counsel advised against it: Report

There is one campaign promise President Donald Trump hasn’t been able to deliver — but that’s not his fault.

According to several reports, after he took office, Trump was trying to have both Hillary Clinton and James Comey prosecuted.

Trump apparently had every intention of going after both Hillary and Comey, but the White House counsel blocked his attempt.


Don McGahn, who was Trump’s head counsel at the time, strongly suggested against going after the two liberals.

His concern at the time was that if Trump were to go through with this, it could give Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans the ammo they needed to try to impeach the president.

McGahn made the argument that this could be perceived as an abuse of power, something we all know the Dems would have jumped at.

Hillary Should Be Locked Up

Still, to most Americans with common sense, there is little doubt the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than money laundering funnel.

All you have to do is look down the list of donors and compare it to the list of individuals that were given an audience with Hillary or other high-ranking officials in the Obama administration, including former President Barack Obama.

It is the sheer definition of quid pro quo.

And that is exactly why Trump wanted her prosecuted.

James Comey Was No Better

But that didn’t happen — and Comey got let off the hook too.

While a position in the Justice Department is not supposed to be political, Comey proved that to be a farce.

During the investigation into Clinton’s emails, Comey started writing a letter excusing her behavior months before the investigation concluded.

More importantly, this letter was drafted long before Comey ever actually interviewed Hillary Clinton.

Clearly, his mind was made up long before the investigation was over.

It is very obvious Comey thought Clinton was going to win, so he was trying to preserve his position by letting her off the hook.

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While we can understand McGahn’s position, we also believe everyone in this country should be subject to the same laws.

In this case, it is quite clear both Clinton and Comey believed themselves to be untouchable — and Don McGahn proved them to be right.

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