Trump vows ‘to put pressure’ on state leaders to reopen schools in the fall

If Democrats have their way, America’s kids will never go back to school. But despite concerns over COVID-19, President Donald Trump has promised to make back-to-school 2020 a reality.

The president announced in the White House’s East Room on Tuesday that his administration will continue “to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools.”

“And it’s very important,” the president said, according to a transcript provided by the White House. “It’s very important for our country. It’s very important for the wellbeing of the student and the parents. So we’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on: Open your schools in the fall.”

Back to school

Though some studies have indicated that the coronavirus disease doesn’t have as hard an impact on children, there’s more than just that behind Trump’s desire to get American kids back in the classroom at the end of the summer.

According to the White House transcript, Vice President Mike Pence explained at the presser in the East Room Tuesday:

As the American Academy of Pediatrics so well represented here today recently reflected, there are — there are social costs, emotional costs, and even physical costs to our children across this country that we spoke with the governors today.

The vice president went on: “It’s important that we reopen our schools, as you’ve directed, for the academic and the intellectual development of our children, but it’s also vitally important that we remember … that 7 million American children suffer from either mental illness or emotional disturbance, and they principally receive the care from health and mental services at their school.”

In the meantime, Democrats are continuing to use a recent surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases to sound the alarm — but as Trump said Tuesday, testing has increased substantially, meaning infection rates were bound to climb.

“It’s time to do it”

“The testing numbers are the highest they’ve ever been. We’re almost up to 40 million in testing and — 40 million people, which is unheard of. Far more than any other country. Many times what any other country is, and therefore we have more cases,” Trump said Tuesday, according to the White House transcript.

He went on: “Because we’re doing more testing, we have more cases. If we did half the testing, we would have far fewer cases. But people don’t view it that way. What they have to view, though, is: If you look at the chart … of deaths, deaths are way down.”

That being the case, the president was adamant that reopening the schools is a must.

“We want to reopen the schools,” he said, according to the transcript. “Everybody wants it. The moms want it, the dads want it, the kids want it. It’s time to do it.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

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