Trump gets crucial victory as Supreme Court orders separation of late ballots in Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania to segregate late mail-in ballots as the legal battle over the election brews, The Washington Post reported.

The Supreme Court made the decision Friday as the Pennsylvania GOP requested that late ballots both be separated and not counted. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has granted the separation request but the votes will continue to be counted.

While mainstream media outlets claimed Saturday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is the president-elect, the fight for the election has just begun and may not be resolved for some time.

Legal battle is on

It is believed that several thousand ballots are being held in question and with the election being decided by razor-thin margins, thousands of ballots matter.

The decision comes after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court authorized the submission of mail-in ballots days after Election Day even if they were not postmarked. To further complicate matters, that decision was previously upheld by the Supreme Court.

Why the Supreme Court ever allowed the decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to stand considering they are now reviewing it is a mystery.

“This preserves the status quo until any further order of the Court, after the possibility of a response,” said Ned Foley, a law professor at Ohio State University. “It’s also significant in that it does not stop the counting of the segregated votes, but rather requires them to be counted separately — which is a sensible way to prevent any possible commingling of ballots that could not be undone later.”

The Supreme Court is erring on the side of caution and if it is determined that those ballots need to be thrown out, it can be easily and quickly done.

Planning for the future

President Trump will likely seek the involvement of the Supreme Court, and despite media claims that such involvement is a long shot, it seems Republicans have already succeeded in that venture. There is a long legal road ahead for Trump but there is still a chance that the court will uncover the source of the bizarre irregularities seen since Election Day.

While Trump goes to war in the courts, it is time to plan for the future and how to prevent this from occurring again.

The president has been sounding the alarm about voter fraud since Democrats began pushing for mass mail-in ballots. Democrats and their allies in the media completely disregarded Trump’s concerns by sneeringly asserting that voter fraud is extremely rare and insignificant.

The fact that so many of the “errors” and irregularities seen in key swing states seem to favor Biden is not lost on Trump’s supporters and Republicans need to get to work on preventing this from ever happening again.

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