Kellyanne Conway says Trump may veto the spending bill

The only way the government will open back up is if President Donald Trump signs the funding bill put in front of him.

According to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, whether Trump signs the spending bill or not depends on “what’s in it.”

“It depends what’s in it,” Conway said after being asked whether Trump would veto a spending bill from the Senate. “What is it going to say? They’re not even discussing it over the Christmas and New Year’s break what could possibly be in that package.”

What’s In It?

Trump has been adamant that if a funding bill doesn’t include $5 billion for the wall, he will not put his name on it.

The House has already passed a bill with that money before Christmas.

However, that legislation failed in the Senate because not a single Democrat was willing to cross party lines.

Trump has hinted he is willing to take a smaller amount if it means the wall will still be built, just over a longer period of time.

Democrats, however, have refused to budge even an inch.

Conway stated, “His incoming chief of staff and his vice president have offered less than that as a compromise. We’ve heard nothing in return.”

Conway was obviously referring to the $5.6 billion in the congressional bill that failed in the Senate.

All the while, Democrats have insisted the shutdown is completely on Trump.

The truth, though, is they have no intention whatsoever of opening up negotiations because it would give Trump and this administration is a huge win.

Still Bargaining

While he originally wanted a concrete wall, Trump conceded that the wall can be made of fencing or steel slats to cut down costs.

His point, though, is that some type of structure needs to be put up to deter immigrants from coming into this country illegally.

As Conway stated, this should be a bipartisan issue, but Dems are doubling down on their opposition since it is so key to Trump’s success.

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That being the case, this shutdown could end up being one of the longest in our history.

Dems will continue to blame Trump, but we all know it is their refusal to negotiate in any way, shape, or form that is really behind the government shutdown.

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