Numbers show Trump unfairly covered by media

Never before in the history of this country has one politician been treated so poorly by the media.

A new study confirmed what we’ve been thinking all along. The study showed that roughly 92 percent of the stories in May by the media covered the President in a negative manner.

Can’t Deny the Numbers

We know the liberal media does not like President Trump. They unrelentingly attempt to portray everything Trump does or says in a negative light.

There are days on outlets like CNN and MSNBC when we see the same story being pitched four or five different ways to make it appear as though the administration is in complete turmoil.

This most recent study was conducted by Media Research Center.

The study not only pointed out the 92 percent negative coverage for May but also stated the coverage during the Mueller investigation and aftermath was just as bad.

Ignoring the Good, Promoting the Bad

It would be ridiculous to think every story coming out about any administration should be positive.

However, what we are seeing today is something completely different. Look at the coverage of the Mueller report as an example.

There was minimal coverage by any outlet in regard to the exoneration of President Trump from collusion charges. Instead, virtually every outlet concentrated on the obstruction angle.

You can also look to the coverage regarding Trump’s comments about Meghan Markle. Virtually every headline read something along the line of, “Trump says Markle is nasty,” when he was clearly referring to her comments. Few of them even mentioned the complimentary words he had for Markle.

More recently, look at the lack of coverage on the recent discovery that Robert Mueller omitted key information from a phone transcript in his report.

Earlier this year, Trump identified the media as his primary obstacle to winning in 2020 and this report makes it very clear he was dead on in that conclusion.

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