Trump gets an unexpected welcome in California

California is a haven for liberals, but there are still some conservative Californians who are not afraid to show their support for President Donald Trump.

Trump was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome he received as he visited California to attend a fundraiser and inspect a new portion of the border wall.

Conservatives Love Their President

If there is one thing we have realized throughout the mess of the last two years, it is that conservatives are not afraid to come out and show their support for Trump.

Trump’s first stop in California was to hit the Calexico-Mexicali border to check on the progress of the new 30-foot “bollard wall.”

Afterward, he headed to Los Angeles for a fundraiser. The private event was reportedly sponsored by Lee Samson, a healthcare executive. The reception for Trump there was phenomenal.

When Trump left the fundraiser, he met his son Eric for dinner at his Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Club. Again, the crowd was very happy to see Trump, the Daily Mail reported.

The president was very cordial, making the rounds and shaking hands with everyone there.

Protestors Come Out Too

As expected, when Trump arrived at each location, liberal protesters were holding up signs to slam Trump on one bogus narrative or another.

More than likely, they were all there in the hopes Trump would announce a border closing so they could attack him but once again, the liberal media got it wrong.

Trump had already announced a one-year deadline for Mexico to get with the program or the border would be closed.

However, that particular stance may change in upcoming weeks, as there has been a massive surge of illegal crossings over the last month or so.

Things have gotten so bad, in fact, Trump said “It’s a colossal surge, and it’s overwhelming our immigration system. We can’t take anymore.”

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