Trump: Tucker' Carlson is Right About 'Wannabe Dictator'

June 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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Following up on a network's stunning chyron this week that Joe Biden is a "wannabe dictator," commentator Tucker Carlson took to social media to explain why that's essentially correct.

Now President Trump has affirmed Carlson "is exactly right."

He explained, "Tucker Carlson, a very good guy, is exactly right. The number one reason the totally corrupt Biden administration and the sick Washington establishment are after me is because I stand up to their failed foreign policy agenda. The one thing Washington cannot forgive is that I put America first. Always put America first. I could never help it. I have to do that in order to Make America Great Again."

The Gateway Pundit reported he was "blasting" the Biden "regime" for pursuing "disastrous foreign wars," "horrific globalist trade deals" and "open border catastrophes."

He accused the Clintons, the Bidens, and the Obama of "escaping investigation or indictment, protected by what he called a 'fake and disgusting system,'" the report said.

"That’s why despite the massive criminality and corruption of the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas, and all the rest, none of them ever get indicted or ever get investigated. They’re totally protected by a fake and disgusting system," Trump charged.

"But I did everything right, and the system tries to throw me right into jail. They can’t beat me at the ballot box. So they’re out there trying to take me out by other means. Anything they can think of. These people don’t love our country," he said.

Trump's video statement appeared to follow the same path as Carlson's, whose statement had been viewed 20 million times in half a day. Trump was seen half a million times in just a few hours.

Carlson's earlier commentaries online have attracted tens of millions, including his first episode which drew a jaw-dropping number well above 100 million.

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