Fox’s Mark Levin admits President Trump was telling the truth about Trump Tower meeting

There was a time when Fox News contributor Mark Levin would have rather stuck a knife in his eye than admit Donald Trump was right about something — but those days appear to be long gone.

Levin recently told his radio audience that President Donald Trump was telling the truth when he said he knew nothing about his son Donald Trump, Jr.’s alleged 2016 meetings with foreign operatives at Trump Tower.

Tell the Truth!

The media has leveraged speculation about President Trump’s knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting for months, Levin said.

Indeed, liberal-based outlets have sworn up and down that the president knew what Don Jr. was doing, pointing to several calls on the president’s son’s phone records from blocked numbers.

But the facts have finally come out. The New York Times reported on Thursday exactly who the blocked calls were made to: NASCAR CEO Brian France and businessman Howard Lorber.

As it turns out, Trump Jr. was phoning his business partners — not his father.

At least Levin was kind enough to admit it.

Conspiracy Theory

The Times cited records obtained from the Senate Intelligence Committee in their report, which corrected the false media narrative that Trump and Trump Jr. had something to hide.

But while it was bad to see the media reporting lies and speculations, it is even more egregious when elected officials perpetuate fake news of their own accord.

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Rep. Adam Schiff, who is now the Chair of House Intelligence Committee, was happy to support the narrative that the president knew more about the Trump Tower meeting than he claimed.

Before the Times report came out, Schiff told his version of the story as fact in an effort to undermine Trump’s presidency. (Schiff is the same man, by the way, who hinted that he is going to go after Brett Kavanaugh for what he deems to have been lies during the justice’s confirmation hearings.)

It seems Schiff and his leftist colleagues owe the president an apology.

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