Trump trolls Pelosi with souvenir pens for USMCA signing

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump officially signed the much-anticipated United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal.

Remarkably, not only did Trump not invite any Democrats to the signing, but he also took a shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) by handing out souvenir pens after the signing took place.

The NAFTA nightmare

After more than two decades, the NAFTA nightmare is finally over. That trade deal has been targeted from day one by Trump and he has not only gotten the United States out of the deal, but he now has a legacy trade deal in place to replace it.

Trump stated, “Today, we are finally ending the NAFTA nightmare and signing into law the brand new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.”

“The USMCA is the largest, fairest, most balanced and modern trade agreement ever achieved. There’s never been anything like it.”

With this signing, both Mexico and the United States have ratified the agreement, with Canada expected to do so in the very near future.

Trolling Nancy

Traditionally, Trump has used a single black Sharpie to sign legislation and executive orders. On this occasion, though, he switched up the script.

After seeing Pelosi sign the impeachment articles a single letter at a time, then handing out the customized pens to her fellow coup members, Trump took a subtle shot at Pelosi’s dramatic spectacle.

Trump had his own tray of pens, although they were hardly the expensive pens Pelosi used. After signing the agreement, Trump then proceeded to hand out pens like Halloween candy to all of those in attendance.

Dems seemed a bit upset about not being invited, throwing a few jabs at Trump when the news broke that he was planning to snub them, but the president let them roll right off his back.

This is the first of two major trade deals Trump will be able to claim both during this election and for his legacy as a president.

Surely, Americans will benefit from both for decades to come.

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