Report: Trump plans trip to Georgia to stump for GOP in pivotal Senate races

President Donald Trump says he is leaving the White House to go campaign for Republicans in Georgia, where crucial runoff races will decide control of the Senate, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Though Trump has maintained that the presidential election was “rigged” and is continuing to contest the results, the Georgia runoffs may be even more important for the GOP. Alongside an apparent victory for Joe Biden, Democrats won back their majority in the House this November — and if they take the Senate too, nothing will stop Dems from enacting their oftentimes radical agenda.

In an effort to ensure this doesn’t happen, President Trump said Thursday that he will visit Georgia to campaign for GOP Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who are vying to hold their seats in the upper chamber in tight races against progressive challengers, the Post reports.

If Trump’s chances of overturning the election results are as slim as the media has led many to believe, then Republicans holding the Senate will be key to keeping America on the right track, despite Dems’ best efforts.

America’s future at stake

Of course, Democrats are equally aware of the importance of the Senate races in Georgia, and they’ve committed all their assets to winning those races. According to NBC News, millions of dollars from both sides of the political aisle are expected to pour into Georgia in the coming weeks as Republicans chase an unprecedented opportunity and Democrats attempt to avoid disaster.

“Now we take Georgia,” Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) said earlier this month, according to the Associated Press, “and then we change America.”

Progressive figures like failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Hollywood entertainers like John Legend are likewise descending on Georgia in an attempt to sway the vote in favor of Democrats, Breitbart reports. Abrams, for her part, is reportedly putting on a fundraiser that has tickets costing up to $25,000 dollars in an effort to raise money for her party.

All eyes on the Peach State

Should Democrats win both runoff races on Jan. 5, the Senate will be split 50–50, with Kamala Harris, as vice president, serving as the tie-breaking vote.

The good news for Republicans is they only need to win one race to maintain a majority, but it’d be razor-thin. In fact, slim margins in both chambers mean neither party will be able to afford defections on key votes in the coming term.

The best case scenario for the GOP: both Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win and continue to serve in the Senate, denying Joe Biden’s party control of Congress. If Republicans control the Senate, Biden will be forced to compromise with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) over Cabinet appointments and judicial picks.

Indeed, winning the presidency would be a hollow victory if Republicans maintain the ability to block any of Biden’s major plans.

Only time will tell how the races in Georgia ultimately play out, but at least one thing is for certain: all eyes on both sides are on the Peach State right now — including President Trump’s.

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