Trump torches Biden in statement on Dems’ weaponization of Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Democrats and their allies in the liberal mainstream media went all out in attacking former President Donald Trump on the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, in what many believe to be a coordinated effort to force him out of the possibility of running again in 2024.

According to Breitbart, the former president — not one to take flak without countering — torched President Joe Biden, Democrats, and their mainstream media allies in a scathing statement, saying the current president is the “voice of desperation and despair.”

The statement came after networks like CNN hosted specials about the Jan. 6 attacks during which they interviewed a number of congressional Democrats who were at the Capitol that day in 2021.

The common theme in all of the liberal media coverage was the accusation that the riots were not only planned by Trump and his allies, but also encouraged on that day. As one can imagine, the word “insurrection” was used generously throughout the coverage.

The statement

The former president, not surprisingly, held nothing back in his criticism of Biden and those who seem bent on muddying Trump’s name ahead of both the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election.

Trump said Biden is a “cynical politician who ran for office promising unity who is now doing the most divisive thing possible—slandering his political opponents as domestic terrorists, just like insecure dictators do in communist countries.”

He added: “Joe Biden’s voice is now the voice of desperation and despair,” and went on to slam “the last gasps of a corrupt and discredited left-wing political and media establishment.”

“All they care about is control over you, and wealth and riches for themselves,” the 45th president said. “But they are failing. No one believes them anymore. And the day is quickly coming when they will be overwhelmingly voted out of power.”

Trump called the Democrats’ obsession with Jan. 6 the “most chilling assault on the civil liberties of American citizens in generations.”

Focused on MAGA

Trump, who according to The Hill is widely predicted to jump into the 2024 presidential race — assuming Democrats don’t attempt to pass legislation or enact a law that bars Trump from doing so — insisted to his supporters that he’s cutting through the noise, and looking ahead.

“From the very beginning, all that Americans have wanted is great jobs, safe neighborhoods, strong borders, good schools, a proud nation, and a government that LISTENS to the American People,” he wrote.

Trump added: “That is what our movement has always been about—and that is what we are focused on to this day.”

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