Trump to hold rally in Nashville, tout economic successes

President Trump is about to hit the road and his supporters could not be happier.

Trump is now planning on heading to Nashville later this month for a huge campaign rally.

Hitting the Road

Mid-term elections are right around the corner and the President wants to make sure voters know what is going on.

Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn has asked for his help and the President is answering the call.

Trump will no doubt use the rally to tout the booming economy.

In addition, he will surely remind everyone of the massive tax breaks and the extra money they are finding in their paychecks is thanks to the GOP.

First Hand

Tennessee is one of those states where the tax cuts are having a huge impact.

People are going back to work and the local economy is seeing a massive surge.

With Democrats making no bones about the fact they want to repeal the tax cuts if they take over the Senate and Congress, his words should hit the spot in Nashville.

Best of all, his message should cross party lines, since everyone in the state is reaping the benefits of the tax plan.

Riled Up

Save the exception, political rallies have been ho-hum events in years past.

That all changed when Trump announced his candidacy.

The President has the unique ability to get down and dirty during rallies, while then becoming “presidential” when he gets in front of the cameras for the nation and world to see.

The rally is currently scheduled to be held on May 29 at 7:00pm local time.

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It is being held at Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

If history tells us anything, it is that you should get your tickets ASAP because they won’t be there for very long!

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