Report: Trump to cut off all aid over new 15,000-person caravan

The problems caused for President Donald Trump over the first migrant caravan have apparently inspired the forming of a second caravan.

Trump, however, is trying to cut the head off the snake by announcing he will quit providing aid to the countries where the caravan is reportedly forming.

Do Something for the Money

The United States has been sending our tax dollars to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador for decades.

For our money, we should be able to expect some cooperation from those governments.

After all, if we are sending hundreds of millions of dollars to help those countries every year, why are so many people still fleeing north?

With news of a new, bigger caravan forming, Trump says enough is enough.

The president took to Twitter on Friday to announce he is going to cut the purse strings immediately.

January 15 – D Day

According to reports, a massive caravan of 15,000 migrants is planning to leave Honduras on January 15 to make the trek north.

But if the Honduran government truly cared about its own citizens, it would stop them before they ever take their first step.

We have already seen the tragedies of the last caravan.

Parents dragging their kids through dangerous conditions for thousands of miles without proper food and water.

Additionally, some of these individuals are sick, conditions that only get worse during their journey.

Two young children who were dragged across the desert recently paid for their parents’ irresponsibility with their lives.

Open borders advocates like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, immigrant-rights activists are encouraging this behavior, and many liberals and Democrats have jumped on board because it helps them undermine the Trump presidency.

It is clear they are exploiting these immigrants, just for the optics of making our president look bad.

This is literally an assault on our borders by these liberals who are using the migrants as pawns in a high-stakes game of chess.

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The move made by Trump here is absolutely the right one.

Maybe now the Central American governments will step in to do the right thing and protect their people, rather than allow them to continue in a dangerous and illegal attempt.

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