Trump threatens use of military to build wall at Mexican border

While funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall continues to be blocked in Congress, it seems the president himself has found a way around their games.

Trump is reportedly threatening to use the U.S. military to build the wall if Congress won’t fund it.

Hole Card

Like any good poker player, Trump has been sitting on a loaded hand without letting his opponents know about it until the final bet.

Democrats are refusing to budge on the border wall.

They know if they do, they are feeding right into Trump’s hand.

There is no way Democrats can allow this president and the GOP to go on the campaign trail claiming victory against illegal immigration.

With the clock ticking, Trump is finally ready to use the tools at his disposal to accomplish his end game.

He recently revealed he is ready to put our military to work building the wall if Congress continues to hold funding hostage.

They Can’t Stop Him

While Democrats can whine all they want, there really isn’t all that much they can do if Trump decides to play this card.

He would be well within his powers as president to put the Army Corps of Engineers to work building a wall.

President Trump is adamant that he would prefer not to circumvent Congress, but he will if necessary.

When Defense Department officials were asked about it, they sounded rather excited about the possible task.

One official said “[the Army Corps of Engineers] build levees that hold back massive walls of water, they can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers.”

It would probably cost far less to build the wall with our military than it would to contract the job out to the private sector anyway.

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One thing is for certain though: with midterm elections looming and the Trump administration needing something positive in the headlines, it is only a matter of time before he turns that card over and pushes all in.

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