Trump thanks Indiana teacher who stopped school shooting

Another school shooting happened this week in Indiana, but it was cut short due to the bravery of a single man.

Mr. Seaman, the middle school teacher who took the shooter down, was recognized by Trump via Twitter…

The Shooting

Everything was going normal on Friday morning.

As has probably happened hundreds of times, a student asked to be excused to go to the rest room.

But, when he returned to class, he was armed and opened fire.

Mr. Seaman immediately charged at the shooter, taking him down after taking several bullet wounds in the process.

The shooter managed to hit one other student in addition to Mr. Seaman.

A witness to the shooting stated, “Mr. Seaman started running at him. He tackled him to the ground.”

The boy continued, “We were all hiding in the back of the classroom behind some desks, then [Seaman] was yelling to call 911, to get out of the building as fast as we could, so we ran [out].”

The Teacher

Seaman, a former college football player, was extremely humble in the aftermath of his heroic effort.

After surgery, he thanked first responders for his care.

He also stated, “I want to let everyone know that I was injured but am doing great.”

Seamen ended up taking three shots during the altercation.

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One in his abdomen, one in his hip, and a third in his forearm.

The investigation is still being conducted to find out exactly how this child got the guns used in the attack as well as what could have possibly motivated him to carry out this heinous act.

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