Trump warns terrorists: ‘We will find you, we will eliminate you’

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued a final warning to all terrorists planning to act against the U.S.: “We will find you … we will eliminate you.”

That was his justification for killing Iranian General Soleimani. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for all her blustering, is just going to have to deal with that reality.

“Imminent” and “sinister”

This was not a random killing of an enemy to distract from the impeachment, as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-NY) has suggested.

General Soleimani has directed attacks that have resulted in hundreds of troops being killed and thousands more injured over the years. He also terrorized the people of both Iran and Iraq during his time as Iran’s top general.

According to our State Department, Soleimani was killed because of “imminent and sinister” attacks being planned against our troops and diplomats.

This claim was proven true as Iran came forward to announce it has 35 targets identified for revenge attacks. Those targets could not have just popped up overnight, so clearly our intelligence reports were dead on.

Rather than allow Iran to carry out these attacks, Trump decided to take out the man in charge of these operations terrorist operations. Trump’s goal was to prevent a war, not start one.

Congressional Democrats are angry

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy about being excluded from the process, condemning Trump’s move and declaring it to be a “dangerous escalation of violence.”

It’s true that Trump cannot declare war on another country without first getting the approval of Congress. This, however, was not a declaration of war. Additionally, Congress was in recess when the time came to pull the trigger.

If there was truly an imminent threat to American lives, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also stated, Trump has every right to carry out this attack without asking for approval from Congress.

Perhaps if Congress remained in D.C. or bothered to read some of the most recent intelligence reports, they would have known about these threats. Instead, Democrat House leadership has been obsessed with impeaching Trump.

Perhaps now Pelosi and company will realize they need to get back to work rather than continuing to push their fantasy of impeaching Trump without the proper grounds to do so.

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