Trump tells O’Rourke to ‘be quiet’ for ‘stay out’ comments

In the wake of the El Paso shootings, Beto O’Rourke told President Trump to stay out of El Paso.

After days of silence, Trump finally responded, telling O’Rourke to quit attacking him and to “be quiet.”

Using Tragedy for Political Gain

What Beto O’Rourke is doing may be the most despicable thing we have ever seen in politics. To be clear, there is little doubt O’Rourke is not actually hurting from these attacks.

This is a community he lives in and he may have friends that were affected directly from this shooting. In all likelihood, that is why Trump gave him a fairly wide berth after the shooting.

So, when O’Rourke used the Walmart where the shootings occurred as a backdrop for a political speech less than 24 hours after the shooting, Trump did not respond.

The problem, though, was O’Rourke did not let up. When Trump announced he was going to go to those communities, O’Rourke’s attacks got even worse. He has spoken hateful rhetoric about Trump and his supporters every time a microphone has been put in his face since Saturday.

Not a Photo Op for Trump

O’Rourke has used this as part of his political campaign. Accusations have even been made that Trump is only going to these cities for political gain.

Again, another false narrative. Trump has traveled to tragedy sites throughout his presidency. Knowing the family members of fallen service members may confront him, Trump met their caskets at the airport.

Knowing local Democrats were railing against him, Trump traveled to areas impacted by natural disaster.

Now, knowing full well he is traveling into two Democrat strongholds where local politicians have been railing against him as well as blaming him for the attacks, Trump is visiting El Paso and Dayton.

These visits would be tough for any president, but they will be especially challenging for Trump because of the rhetoric being spewed against him. O’Rourke had a real opportunity to make an impression on America, and he utterly failed. Instead of promoting unity and healing, he is promoting hate and division.

It may not be now or it may not even be during this election season, but at some point, people are going to look back on these days and realize who the real hatemonger was in the wake of a national tragedy and his name surely was NOT Donald Trump.

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