Trump legal team: Dems strangely silent about Obama’s Russian quid pro quo

The Trump impeachment trial has suddenly become about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, creating the ultimate nightmare for Democrats.

As part of President Donald Trump’s defense, the White House legal team is now asking the House managers where they were when Obama blatantly initiated a “quid pro quo” transaction with the Russians ahead of the 2012 election, according to a report from One America News Network (OANN).

The Obama “ask”

OANN reports that during a meeting with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama was caught on a hot mic trying to make a deal with the Russians. Watch below:

There are many theories about exactly what those comments referred to. Some believe it was Obama simply asking the Russians to back off during his campaign so that he could get re-elected and have the freedom to be more flexible in helping the Russians with regard to missile defense.

That sounds an awful lot like a quid pro quo with a foreign government for the sake of benefitting a political candidate. Is that not the same type of “abuse of power” for which Democrats are now trying to impeach Donald Trump?

Trump defense attorney Eric Herschmann was more than happy to remind everyone about this during the Senate trial.

Herschmann went through the three qualifiers Democrats used to justify the impeachment of Trump, each of which was met by Obama on this occasion in 2012.

It’s going to hurt Biden

While this is obviously an attack on Obama and also underscores the blatant abuse of power in which House Democrats have engaged, it is also another nail in the coffin of Joe Biden.

The former vice president has attempted to ride Obama’s coattails during his campaign thus far, so anything Obama is shown to have done wrong now falls on Biden’s shoulders as well.

Americans are quickly finding out that the administration touted as squeaky-clean is quickly racking up the scandals.

However, the reality of the situation is that this is simply how political life is conducted in D.C. and always has been. That does not make it right or wrong, it is just the honest truth. Politicians trade favors, but that has never been considered a crime until Donald Trump sought help in investigating a potentially serious case of corruption.

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