Trump targets Haley after debate night attacks

October 2, 2023
Robert Ayers

Former President Donald Trump has set his crosshairs on Republican 2024 rival Nikki Haley following the most recent Republican presidential primary debate, the Washington Examiner reports

If you saw some of the debate, then the chances are that you saw Trump being attacked by at least one of the candidates. And, if you know anything about Trump, then you probably know that it is best not to provoke him.

Haley, apparently, did not get the memo, as she was one of the Republican candidates who attacked Trump on the debate stage.

Haley, for example, argued that Trump "went wrong" during his time as president by focusing specifically "on trade with China" rather than other things, such as China's purchasing of American farmland.

Trump responds

The former president responded to Haley's targeting of him by dubbing her "Birdbrain Nikki Haley."

Trump, in a Truth Social post, wrote:

MAGA, or I, will never go for Birdbrain Nikki Haley. No loyalty, plenty of lies! “I will never run against our great President,” she said,“he has done an outstanding job.” To which I responded,“How nice of you to say, Nikki,” knowing full well that her words mean nothing. She even came to Mar-a-Lago with her family, “bearing gifts.” Anyway, Birdbrain doesn’t have the TALENT or TEMPERAMENT to do the job. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Trump also posted the video of Haley promising not to run against him.

Trump, however, did not stop there.

A bird cage for Birdbrain

Over the weekend, Haley posted this message to social media:

At first, it was unclear whether Trump really sent the birdcage to Haley.

But, the Examiner reports:

The Washington Examiner reached out to the Trump campaign to verify whether the campaign is actually responsible for the bird cage or if it is a hoax. Marc Caputo, reporter for the Messenger, said the Trump campaign texted him a photo of the birdcage outside of Haley's hotel door.

Is it "time to leave the drama behind"?

Haley's campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, has responded to the birdcage incident with a statement that reads:

This behavior is weird, creepy, and desperate from a former president feeling the pressure. It’s more proof that it’s time to leave the drama behind. America is better than this. Let’s go.

It appears, however, that Americans would disagree. Trump currently leads the Republican field by, on average, 44.2 percentage points. Haley sits in third place with 5.4% support.

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