President Trump taps Jovita Carranza to head Small Business Administration

The resignation of Linda McMahon as head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) caught many by surprise.

But it didn’t take long for President Trump to nominate his pick for her replacement: Jovita Carranza, who currently serves as U.S. treasurer.

McMahon Moving On

While McMahon is leaving the administration, she is clearly still on the Trump Train.

She is taking over as chair of a pro-Trump super PAC called America First Action.

McMahon’s claim to fame before joining Trump was running the WWE with her husband, Vince McMahon.

Together, they turned the WWE into an earning machine like nothing we have ever seen in the wrestling entertainment industry.

Like the WWE, the SBA thrived under McMahon — Trump even said she did an “outstanding job” — so Carranza will have some big shoes to fill.

Ready for the Job

But Carranza is actually no stranger to the SBA.

During the George W. Bush administration, Carranza served as the deputy administrator of the organization.

This may be why Trump did not take very long to fill this vacancy, as he has some other positions in his administration.

He clearly has had his eye on Carranza for some time.

Of his new SBA pick, Trump tweeted earlier this week: “Jovita was a great Treasurer of the United States – and I look forward to her joining my Cabinet!”

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