Trump surges ahead in 5 key battleground states Biden won in 2020

 May 13, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It's because of Joe Biden's narrow margins of ballots, sometimes extremely narrow, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, that he sits in the White House today.

Without those Electoral College votes, which came during one of the most controversial elections ever held in the United States, President Donald Trump would be in the fourth year of his second term.

And now Trump is leading in polls in all five of those states, heading into the 2024 vote.

Many states are reliably predictable about which party they will support for the presidency. California, for example, is Democrat to the care.

But the New York Post cited stunning results from surveys from the New York Times, Siena College, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The only "battleground" state that presumed Biden was in the lead was in Wisconsin.

But Trump now is leading in Pennsylvania, 57-44, in Arizona, 49-42, in Michigan 49-42, in Georgia 49-39 and in Nevada 50-38.

The report noted, "The poll numbers revealed how issues like the cost of living, the economy, the Israel-Hamas war, and immigration have caused widespread dissatisfaction among Americans, all while raising concerns over Biden’s ability to improve their quality of life. Nearly 70 percent of voters polled said the country’s political and economic systems need a major overhaul — and only 13 percent of Biden’s supporters believe he would be able to bring about such change during a second term."

Since Biden took office, inflation of about 19% has hurt American consumers hard. The report noted some 40% of Trump supporters said the economy or cost of living was the most important issue in the election.

Many of those doubted Biden's claims the economy is improving.

An other factor is that Trump and Biden are tied among those 18-29 and Hispanic voters, even though more than 60% of those demographics went for Biden in 2020.

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