Report: Trump supporters targeted in series of violent attacks across the country

Trump supporters across the country, from San Francisco to New York City, were attacked this weekend for daring to publicly express their support for the president, Fox News reported.

“No one should be attacked for peacefully showing their support of the president,” a spokesperson for the Trump campaign told Fox on Tuesday.

The spokesperson went on: “All Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be disgusted by this type of unprovoked violence.”

Trump supporters attacked

The violence in New York on Sunday was against a massive caravan of vehicles organized by a group known as “Jews for Trump.” The caravan’s mere presence in the Big Apple sparked a violent counter-protest from the left, as the local CBS affiliate reported.

According to reports, vehicles were vandalized, individuals and families of Trump supporters were accosted and assaulted by the angry demonstrators, and at least 11 people were taken into custody by the New York Police Department for their role in transforming a peaceful display of political support into a gauntlet of violence for the Trump supporters to navigate, Fox News reported.

That incident came about a week after a “free speech” rally in San Francisco organized by Trump supporters had been similarly met with violent opposition.

The gathered Trump supporters, as well as the San Francisco Police Department officers keeping watch over the event, were repeatedly harassed and attacked, including the event’s organizer, Philip Anderson, who had his front teeth knocked out by a punch from a leftist agitator, Fox News reported.

According to Fox, there were violent clashes between groups that supported and opposed the president in Pueblo, Colorado, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Douglas, Massachusetts just within the past week — all instances in which Trump supporters were violently attacked for merely expressing their political opinions.

“A little” bit justified?

A team of researchers writing for Politico recently predicted that the rising trend of political violence shows no signs of slowing down and, in fact, will likely grow worse.

That prediction was largely based on an analysis of several surveys and polls that all seemed to show an increase in acceptance of violence as an appropriate and justified response against those who held differing political views.

The researchers determined that, for both Democrats and Republicans, anywhere from 30% to 40% believe that violence is at least “a little” bit justified in order to achieve political goals or in response to a lost election.

A smaller subset on both sides — typically the hardcore ideologues on either end of the spectrum, amounting to about 15% to 25% — believed there was “a lot” or “great deal” of justification for political violence at certain times, Politico reported.

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