Trump suggests that his VP will not be one of his 2024 rivals

October 1, 2023
Robert Ayers

Former President Donald Trump says that he will not pick one of his Republican 2024 rivals to be his running mate in the 2024 general election. 

Trump suggested as much, according to the Washington Postlast Wednesday, during the speech that he gave in Michigan.

"We’re competing with the job candidates. They’re all running for a job. No, they’re all job candidates. They want to be in the—they want to - they’ll do anything, secretary of something, they even say VP," Trump said.

He added, "Does anybody see the VP in the group? I don’t think so."

Well, that settles that.

If you have been following the polls, then you know that Trump is dominating the Republican 2024 field.

Real Clear Politics currently has Trump up, on average, by 43.9 percentage points over his next closest Republican rival, namely, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). Trump's lead is even larger on individual polls.

Trump's lead, in fact, is so large that many seem to already consider it a foregone conclusion that Trump will be the Republican Party's presidential nominee in the 2024 general election. So, instead of talking about the 2024 Republican presidential primary, many are already looking ahead to the general election and speculating about who Trump is going to choose to be his running mate.

Trump made the above remark just after the second Republican presidential primary debate. Many commentators have suggested that these debates - which, thus far, Trump has not participated in - are essentially tryouts for candidates looking to become Trump's running mate in 2024.

Trump, however, appears to have just put this idea to bed.

If not them, then who?

For many, Trump's remark - that he will not select any of his 2024 rivals to be his running mate - will not come as a surprise. Trump has thoroughly bashed just about every single one of the Republican candidates.

But, the question then is, "If not them, then who will Trump choose?"

There are plenty of other names out there for Trump to choose from. This is one of the big advantages of the Republican Party at the moment - it has a deep bench. The opposite is true for the Democrats.

But, two big names that Trump could choose for his running mate are Arizona's Kari Lake and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R). Trump has not ruled either individual out.

But, the truth of the matter is that, thus far, there is really no telling whom it is that Trump is going to choose. And, before we get there, it is probably best that Trump keeps his focus on winning his party's nomination.

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