WH physician: Trump suffered no known side effects while taking hydroxychloroquine

President Donald Trump received widespread criticism for his decision to take the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as an experimental method of preventing a coronavirus infection.

After a two-week course of the treatment, however, White House physician Sean Conley reported that Trump experienced none of the possible side effects mentioned by many in the news media, as Fox News reported.

“Safely and without side effects”

Shortly after multiple cases of the virus were reported among staffers close to the president, he confirmed in May that he had been taking the drug. Trump had previously touted its potential benefits as part of a global response to the pandemic.

In a statement at that time, Conley confirmed that he discussed the drug with Trump and “concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.”

The physician’s most recent update appears to confirm that the president saw no ill effects from the medication, which is also used to treat lupus.

“Following the diagnosis of COVID-19 in two West Wing staffers this past May, as a preventative measure, the president took a two-week course of hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Vitamin D,” Conley wrote in a memo. “This was done in consultation with the appropriate care team members and close monitoring of the electrocardiogram for changes in the QT interval.”

He said that a subsequent checkup found that the president “remains healthy” and tests showed “no interval change to the president’s medical history” since his previous examination.

“The president completed the regimen safely and without side effects,” Conley wrote.

A clean bill of health

In addition to the results of his hydroxychloroquine treatment, Politico reported that Trump’s physical exam resulted in a generally clean bill of health.

Weighing in a 244 pounds, Trump is heavier than experts recommend for a man his height — 6 feet, 3 inches — but has gained just one pound since his prior physical.

As for his resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol count, however, each registered within the normal range for someone in his age bracket.

Indeed, although his critics have suggested Trump’s diet and exercise habits do not reflect a healthy lifestyle, doctors continue to release results that belie those concerns.

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